Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rage Kore field test

Initial impressions
Looking at the oddly shaped broadheads in the packet I immediately though that it looked like a prop from the latest Robocop movie. It had that mean sci-fi look to it. 

As with all the Rage products it comes fully assembled and ready to use. A practice head and 3 spare collars can also be found in the blister pack.

I was itching to see how they will group with my field points. I tested the practice head on the range, shooting one arrow with a field point and another with the Rage Kore practice head. As expected they shoot very close together making tuning a breeze.

The Test
We were fortunate enough to go and test the broad head at Buffelsdoorn bow-hunting farm near Dwaalboom.

Unfortunately the swirling wind made for a difficult hunt. As soon as the warthogs approached the hide and the wind shifted, they quickly disappeared into the bush. And the long wait started all over again.

By late afternoon I spotted a lone warthog male making its way to the hide. "Please let the wind hold for just a few minutes" I silently prayed. As the warthog moved closer I readied myself and the video camera.

I knew, if he made it into range there will not be any second chances. What felt like forever he finally approached the water hole to drink, as soon as he went on his knees at 20 yards, fully broadside the arrow with the 3 blade Kore was on its way.

The arrow hit him right on the shoulder, a perfect heart shot upon impact the pig went straight into the air, making a full 180 degree turn in midair landing in the water.

It was all over in 17 seconds and the pig expired within sight from the hide.

The wide cutting area ensured a decent blood trail that would make tracking an animal relatively easy. All dependent on the correct shot placement of course!

The hit was a pass through with a nasty wound channel. Fortunately I did not hit any ribs so there was no damage to the broad head, it was still razor sharp. The only thing that broke as expected was one if the clips on the collar that helps to hold the blades in place . 

My thoughts on the head after the hunt, will I use it again, yes definitely. I personally prefer fix blades but with today’s technology and large cutting diameter expandable broad heads, I will recommend it to anybody especially if you are going to hunt string jumpers like warthog and impala.
It might just make the difference between a hard tracking job and a easy follow up.     

Article by Kobus van der Merwe

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